San Francisco Women's Therapy + Couples Counseling


Sige Weisman, MFT offers individual therapy, couples therapy, premarital and marital counseling and EMDR for men and women suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, sex addiction, codependency, infidelity, affairs, divorce, trauma, grief and loss, career issues and life transitions at her offices in San Francisco and Berkeley.

Dare to be you. Find your spark. 
Live your purpose. Fully open your heart.

Therapy and couples counseling can help you learn how to love yourself, increase your mindfulness and self awareness, reduce stress, grow your confidence and self esteem. It can also help you improve your communication with your friends, family and partner, navigate dating, and bring passion, attraction and romance back to your marriage.

 I believe that your romantic relationship is the ultimate crucible for self-awakening. Your frustration, vulnerability and desire for better communication and greater intimacy are valuable signs that there is more to discover about yourself and your partner. Together we will create a safe place for you and your partner to share your fears and doubts about committing to each other, learn how to transform conflicts that get in the way of deeper connection and clarify your values and visions for creating a life together. Couples Counseling can help you find your purpose for being together, know what makes your partner anxious and what calms him or her down, explore how you each most want to give and receive love and what gets in the way, create rituals and behaviors that help you stay connected, now how to get your needs met by actually caring for your partner, know how your brain works for and against you when it comes to love, and build a relationship based on attraction, security and mutuality.


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Sister, imagine that you truly believe: There is nothing wrong with me, I am good enough, I am loving and lovable, I am whole. Who would you be? And with whom would you be? What would your life and relationships look and feel like? What would you know about your true purpose? How would you touch the lives of others? What impact would you make on the world? If you are ready to answer these challenging questions, I am here to be your guide! I help women who are ready to discover their true nature, find their deepest purpose and offer both as gifts to the world. My job is to take a stand for the true you. She is the woman who Is motivated by the call of her heart, knows what she needs to do, even if its unpopular, trusts that she will be fulfilled by following her deepest desires, and sees herself as a part of a larger whole. The path of therapy I offer is not just about self healing. It is also about remembering and reclaiming all of the inner resources you need to make the greatest impact you have to offer. Therapy can help you identify and transform old wounds that keep you stuck, notice how you protect yourself from feeling vulnerable, access internal resources that offer you a sense of wholeness, open to freedom and truth over comfort, source a sense of Self that is rooted in love, discover your authentic expression that is unencumbered by your mind and ego, find your true purpose, Integrate your unique calling into your day-to-day life.