The Queen stands tall.

She walks with grace.
She embodies a powerful silence and stillness.
She is humble and leads with her heart.

The Queen is clear about what she desires.

She does not seduce to attract attention,
nor manipulate to get her way.
She does not need validation or approval.
She knows her worth, without being arrogant.
She aspires to be authentic, even if she’s unpopular.

The Queen wields her authority to protect those in her court. 

She hears her inner princess wanting what she wants.
So, she listens and soothes her before she throws a tantrum,

She senses her inner mistress aching to seductively swing her hips.
So, she looks her in the eyes and says, “You are beautiful.”

When a Queen receives her King, she knows she has been fully chosen.

She has no patience for princely games,
and is willing to wait for the one who will fully meet her.

When he arrives, her heart beats furiously,
but she breathes and holds her center.

He is struck by her benevolent feminine power,
and relaxes, knowing she is sovereign to herself first.

He, therefore, steps up and takes his seat next to her.
She can feel his courage and resolve.
Their gazes meet and she smiles with delight.

The Queen has met her match.