Why be wild.
Why not?

Don’t you want to know who you are
underneath that stylish facade,
before your morning commute,
in the landscape of your dreams? 

Woman, wake up!
Wake up to your Wild Self.

There is more to you than what you’ve been told,
a wisdom not learned in books,
a dance not taught in class,
a call that whispers of your Soul . . . 

What does it mean to wake up to your Wild Self?

For me, the word, “wild”, reminds me of the Wolf inside of me, the one who wants to run free through the forest, howl at the moon, and cast her fiercely penetrating gaze on my next desire.

I believe that we all have a wild being inside of us; an untamed, undomesticated, unconditioned aspect of our being that is our true nature and holds the mysterious call of our Soul – the story of our unique gift to the world.

Our wild Self exists at levels of the psyche much deeper than our thinking mind and is, therefore, untouched by our family values, our culturally determined roles, the teachings we learn in school, and the subtle and not so subtle messages we inevitably absorb from popular media.

In order to wake up to our Wild Self, we must be willing to look beyond our thoughts to tell us what is true. This “rewilding” of our mind is a remembering and returning to the wisdom of our natural state of being. When we access the essential human intelligence we were born with, we are instinctively called to trust our intuition, delight in our earthly senses, indulge our imagination and walk in the landscape of our dreams.

Usually, we do not wake up unless there is some undeniable longing, a recurring itch that aches to be scratched, a mysterious voice who’s volume can’t be permanently turned down.

Listening to this call is scary. It means that we may have to let go of familiar parts our identity, make a career change, move to a new place or end a serious relationship. Or it may simply mean that we choose to walk in the world in a new way –more embodied, more sensual, sexual and playful, more in our power, more unapologetic, more fiercely loving.

Aligning with our true nature and offering our unique gifts to the world begs us to humbly surrender what we once believed was “right” for something that feels much more authentic.

As we begin to move into alignment, we inevitably encounter inner and outer voices that want to deter us. After all, our decision to listen to this call is unpopular. This new way of being may not be what once ensured our acceptance and safety. Our inner and outer protectors have served us well for a so long. But we must realize that they just keep us small. Learning to identify these forces, thank them for all they’ve done to help us, and ask them to step aside is critical for our Soul alignment.

We don’t have to navigate this daunting path alone. It is essential to find a guide who sees the truth of who we are and supports our deepest longing as we overcome obstacles that challenge our integrity.

Now, let me ask you . . .

What is your undeniable longing?
How do you want to walk in the world?
Is there something that feels missing from your life?
What brings you meaning and fulfillment?
If you didn’t need to make money, what would you be up to?
What is your unique gift to the world?

If you’d like to answer these questions, we are here to be your guide.  Schedule a Session today to begin walking your path in a new way.