There’s is an epidemic of crappy relationships. We put up with bad behavior from our romantic interests.

I remember talking to my client who was dating a woman that was not good for him. I asked him when he started seeing her negative patterns.

“Right away”, he said.

Next, we reviewed all the excuses he made.  By the time we were done, we listed about 20 of them. He clearly saw how low his standards for love really were.

The thing is, we only have the love that we tolerate. If we tolerate negative behavior, we will keep receiving more of it. We will keep finding ourselves in the same situation, perpetually single.

How do we stop ourselves from continuing this negative spiral? We raise our standards, for both ourselves and the people we allow into our lives.

The list below details 10 universal ways a great partner will show up for you, for themselves,  and for the relationship.  Here’s to setting your standards!

The One will show up consistently. —There will be no question of when or how they will show up for you.  They are dedicated and committed to the relationship.

The One will have the courage to talk about the hard things with curiosity and compassion. — Great relationships are built on the ability to communicate about the hard things and talking about the hard things will cause you to come closer together rather than further apart.

The One will be sexually compatible with you.  — Life is too short to grin and bear it in a relationship where your needs are not being met.  It is normal for partners to have different drives, but a great relationship is one where partners learn how to flow with each other in a way that feels good and satisfying to both.

The One will fiercely love themselves.  — The biggest issue that makes relationships fail is that people do not know how to source love from within themselves. They do not know how to access the infinite love that within each and every one of us. Contrary to popular belief, there are a set of exercises that help open this up within us.  The One has worked on loving themselves fiercely and will not take abusive behaviors.

The One will know how to set healthy boundaries.  — Healthy boundaries help us determine and communicate our deepest needs.  Taking care of our needs and sticking to them gives us enough energy to help others.

The One is kind to your heart.  — Negativity is not tolerated.  All communication, even joking, is kind, because you both understand the power of words.

The One will respect and encourage your dreams. — Incredible relationships is where a partner is pushing you to reach your impossible goals and your deepest dreams.  This partner will always push you past your comfort zone.

The One will want to hear your feedback. — The One will take your opinions and advice as gold.  They do not become defensive or think you are trying to change them. Instead, they will be thrilled you are on their team, helping push them forward.

The One will make you feel you are their priority, no matter what. — The One will be sensitive to your feelings and will take care to make sure you feel that you are their priority.  They will know how to honor their needs and yours in a balanced manner.

The One will share your deepest values.  — Values are another foundational element of relationships.  Picking a partner with the same important values you hold such integrity, honesty, kindness.

Want help finding The One?


Gigi Azmy

Gigi Azmy

Gigi Azmy, MBA lives to help people create relationships that are fulfilling, passionate, loving, and free.  She wants to know what is standing in your way of making a dream relationship happen?

She gives people the skills and healing they need to have a thriving conscious relationship. She’s been a dedicated student of self-development for the past 20 years, having studied psychology, spirituality, and ancient relationship traditions. She’s also professionally trained in powerful emotional and mental trauma healing modalities.

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