Choice moms – often called ‘single mothers by choice’ or ‘solo mothers’ – are women who have made a conscious decision to become mothers without a partner or spouse. This type of choice is not made lightly, requiring very careful consideration and planning. And it seems to be a growing trend in our society where women are empowered to make decisions about their own lives and family structure.

Choice moms usually have a strong sense of autonomy and independence. Unlike a more traditional family structure, choice moms take on the role of both parents. They are typically responsible for providing financial and emotional support to their children. This independence is not born out of necessity but rather ‘by choice’ … out of a conscious decision to create a family on their own terms.

The decision to become a choice mom brings both unique challenges and unique opportunities. Still today, a choice mom may encounter societal stigma or judgment for forging a path different from the more traditional family model. However, doing so allows them to build a family in ways that align with their personal values.

Despite the challenges – or perhaps because of them – choice moms are resilient and resourceful. They often work to create strong support networks, which may include other single parents, friends, and support family members. Support networks help provide emotional support, practical advice, and a sense of belonging.

The concept of a choice moms challenges the conventional notions of family and motherhood. They demonstrate that a family can be defined in different and unconventional ways. They prove that happiness, fulfillment, and family can be found down many different paths.

Choice moms are trailblazers. They are courageous, independent, and resilient. And they open up new possibilities for family and motherhood altogether.

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