Hello, I’m Jules.

I offer in-person, individual and couples therapy at SFWT’s Fillmore Street Office in Pacific Heights.

I’m passionate about producing safe spaces where folks can step outside of their everyday experience and get back in touch with forgotten or unknown parts of themselves.

I believe that if blocked parts of us remain unexpressed, we can become frozen, or overwhelmed by our feelings, and sometimes develop addictive or unhealthy behaviors, or patterns that impact our lives in harmful ways.  Sometimes we just need a space to share and unpack an issue and look at it from a different perspective.

I am originally from the UK; I worked and travelled in many different cultures and settings, before settling in the Bay Area in 12 years ago. I have been active in various art-based projects and healing modalities since moving here. I draw on these approaches and experiences in my work. I believe that everyone expresses themselves in a unique way and I work with people to rediscover and clarify what is true for them, and how they choose to express this in the world. 

Together, we will co-create ways to access your strengths and empower you to move towards what is real for you.

Jules Osborne, MFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #103692

[email protected]

415 685-4545


I work with individuals and couples to identify areas of their lives where they feel emotionally blocked. I use talk therapy, as well as the arts and action-oriented approaches, to support you in finding your own unique way to express yourself and create movement in the areas where you are stuck.

I cultivate a safe space where you can be deeply listened to and received without judgment.  I will support and work with you to access your strengths, and utilize these as resources to manage and make meaning of your struggles. I actively work through a social justice lens – holding your unique life experiences with respect, curiosity and compassion, and being mindful to practice from a stance of cultural humility.

My specialties Include: Addiction, Substance Use, Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral Issues, Codependency, Coping skills, Grief, Life Transitions, Peer relationships,
Intimate Partner relationships, Self Esteem, Stress, Suicidal Ideation, Trauma / PTSD


Here are a few specific modalities that inform my approach.



You are the expert of your experience. As your therapist, I provide a space where you can be received with empathy, authenticity and unconditional regard, allowing for you unpack and let go outmoded patterns and ways of being through positive and reparative experiences in the therapeutic relationship.


Focuses resiliency, and identifying, exploring and utilizing your strengths as resources to move through obstacles and hardships. We all use this approach to identify and set goals, and cultivate coping skills.

Attachment Theory

The quality of our early relationships shapes our brains, our nervous systems, and our degree of emotional resilience. Attachment theory looks at how we bond, find a sense of security and navigate getting our needs met in relationships. Our work in therapy will gradually help you build more secure attachments.

Jungian Psychology

Developed by Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, this modality draws on dreamwork, archetypes, and attention to one’s inner life to catalyze the process of individuation. It is a comprehensive method for understanding the relationship between conscious and unconscious experience.

Expressive Arts Therapy

Sometimes words are not enough. The arts allow us to express ourselves and get to the heart of an issue in a way words cannot. This approach draws on myriad modalities (visual arts, music, writing, sand tray, movement) to support you to find new ways express yourself and gain insight into an issue. The focus is not on the end result or creating a masterpiece, but by the process of creating you can explore your emotional landscape in a deep & insight way to gain a new perspectives or generate movement around an area that is stuck.

Drama Therapy 

This is an action-based and experiential approach that allows for expression of stuck feelings and patterns to be released in a safe and contained environment through improv, role play, and imaginative exercises and activities.  It can be both an active and reflective approach that allows for integration of experiences on a cognitive, physical, spiritual and emotional level.

California Institute of Integral Studies
San Francisco, CA
Master of Arts ~ Counseling Psychology & Expressive Arts Therapy

Newcastle University
United Kingdom
Bachelor of Arts – Philosophy, Project Management, & Literature


Asian Americans and Microaggressions:
Clinical Implications
RAMs Inc. San Francisco, CA

5150 Certification Training
San Francisco, CA – 2018

Bay Area Conference on Chinese American Mental Health Palo Alto, CA – April, 2017

Black History Month Event: Social Justice Awareness Training – San Francisco, CA February, 2017

Child Abuse Assessment Certification & Cultural Awareness Training – Shanthi Karamcheti, Edgewood, San Mateo, CA – 2015

Cultural Diversity with Natalie Thoreson

Substance Abuse and Harm Reduction
– Sue Ferrer

Handle With Care 1 & Family Conferencing
with Sue Henkin-Haas
Edgewood, San Mateo, CA – 2015

Play Therapy Training with Karen Wolfe
San Francisco, CA – 2014

Sandtray Training with Jo Sopko, MFT
San Rafael, CA – 2011

Drama Therapy Training ~ Armand Volkas, MFT
Oakland, CA – 2010

Working with Survivors of Domestic Violence
40 hour training certificate
La Casa de las Madres
San Francisco, CA – 2010​

Process Group and Group Dynamics
with Lois Friedlander, MFT
San Francisco, CA – 2010


First Aid & CPR Certification
American Heart Association

Teacher’s Assistant in Movement and Dance Therapy with Charlotte Korda
CIIS, San Francisco, CA – Nov 2013 & Feb 2017

5Rhythms with Lucia Horan
Big Sur, CA – 2013

OpenFloor with Andrea Juhan
Mountain View, CA – 2014

Reiki Master Trained and Certified Marlborough, UK – 2003 – 2005


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