Online Therapy for Pregnancy + Motherhood

What does motherhood mean to you?

When you brush aside the layers of societal expectations, the myths, the half truths, and the filtered perfection of social media, what’s left? What is motherhood?

I view motherhood as a profound transformational opportunity.

No one’s journey is the same, and no one’s journey is perfect. We invite you to embrace your journey…

Whether you decide that motherhood is right for you, or not, I am here to meet you on your path.

Are you a woman who is:

Considering motherhood…
Are you asking yourself whether you want to be a mother or not?
How will motherhood affect your life, career, relationship, and identity?
Are you interested, prepared and willing to enter solo parenthood?

Facing fertility and conception issues…
Are you weathering the ups and downs of Trying to Conceive (TTC)
Do you have the support you need when it doesn’t go as planned?
Are you considering or navigating reproductive technologies like IUI, IVF, or using donor sperm, or donor egg.

Navigating the physical, emotional and spiritual changes of pregnancy and postpartum…
Are you facing the effects of hormonal flux on your mental health?
Are you struggling with body changes during pregnancy?
Do you have questions and concerns about attachment and bonding with your baby?

Learning how to parent…
Do you need help dealing with difficult, negative emotions as a parent? Are you open to exploring how your childhood experiences impact your parenting style?
Are you having trouble incorporating self-care into your new routine?
Do you struggle with balancing career, family, important relationships now that you’re a parent?

Through our work, you’ll be empowered to…

Embrace your own unique and personal view of what motherhood means to you and how to live your vision of motherhood.

Be the mother you truly want to be. Or…not. Decide for yourself if motherhood is right for you.

Embrace your choice and move forward in your life with self-compassion.

Love yourself and your changing body…welcome your changing form and exercise awareness and kindness in this transformational time.

Live your commitment to your child, let go of ideals of perfection, and be present with your little one. As they grow, so do you.

Online Therapy can help you . . .
  • Explore and find clarity on becoming a mother or choosing not to.
  • Overcome feelings of guilt, regret or fear attached to your decision.
  • Work through natural feelings of grief and loss surrounding pregnancy, motherhood, as well as not having children.
  • Manage your mental and emotional health during and after fertility treatments and pregnancy
  • Recognize patterns from your own childhood and break through unhealthy ones.
  • Practice mindful parenting and prioritize self-care as a parent.
  • Find a fulfilling balance in work, life, parenthood, and relationships.