How to Get Over a Breakup

We often associate grief with the death of a loved one. But what about the death of a love? Breaking up with a romantic partner can certainly feel like death!

People change. We’re not static beings by any means. Even our cells die away and are replaced. We’re ever-changing and always renewing at our core.

So why expect a romantic partner to remain the same?

Understanding Grief: Why is Grief Important?

Our grief, which by definition is deep sorrow over loss, is often compartmentalized. Even the deepest grief for the death of a loved can be confined to a few hours of public grief at a funeral home.

As long as we keep grief within those walls, it won’t swallow us whole. That’s what we think.

“What has to die is your refusal for things to die. Your refusal for things to end. If that dies life can be fed by that.” — Stephen Jenkenson, Orphan Wisdom School

10 Ways to Love Your Self

A few years back, I found myself falling head-over-heals for a new man in town.

He was strikingly handsome, sensitive yet strong, and well attuned to the tones and shifts of my inner world. His sexy British accent melted me and his is dry humor sent me into stitches with laughter. I quickly opened my heart to him and felt ecstatic when he chose to enter.

With him in my life, I shined in full glow.

Then one horrible night . . . he turned around and walked right out . . .

Realistic Expectations for Modern Marriage

Do we have realistic expectations about marriage? Probably not…

In part one, you read a historical overview of the evolution of marriage from an “arrangement” built on economic and political security, patrimony, and lineage to a “promise” of mutual fulfillment–emotional, spiritual, and sexual.

Yet, we still long for the old-fashioned marriage ideals of safety, security, dependability, and familiarity. And now we also expect the new marriage ideals of ever-present passion, authentic intimacy, equality, and self expression.

Have We Outgrown Marriage?

Did you know that marriage wasn’t always about love?

In fact, it used to be more of a first natural step into adulthood, a practical economic partnership, and a societal expectation, than any epic love story.

It wasn’t so long ago that marriage was as a matter of convenience, built on economic and political security, patrimony, and lineage — the power balance tipped nearly completely to the male side.

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Are You Alone or Lonely?

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How to Create a Couple Bubble in Your Relationship

Have you ever been to a social event and noticed that one couple? You know...the one that can’t seem to keep their hands or eyes off of each other. You can see, and almost feel, the connection between them when they make eye contact from across the room. They seem so...

Are You Avoiding Your True Self?

Do you know who you really are? Your immediate response may be, “Yes, of course!”

Let me rephrase that: Beyond the surface, at the deepest level, who are you? It may be a question you’ve never asked yourself. Or it may be a question you’re avoiding with all your might.

Why Be Wild?

Don’t you want know who you are underneath that stylish facade, before your morning commute, in the landscape of your dreams?

Woman, wake up! Wake up to your Wild Self. There is more to you than what you’ve been told, a wisdom not learned in books, a dance not taught in class, a call that whispers of your soul . . .

It’s Good to Be Queen

The Queen stands tall. She walks with grace. She embodies a powerful silence and stillness. She is humble, and leads with her heart.

The Queen is clear about what she desires. She does not seduce to attract attention, nor manipulate to get her way. She does not need validation or approval. She knows her worth, without being arrogant. And aspires to be authentic, even if she’s unpopular.

Photo by Robin Clark

Speak Your Truth

Imagine being able to identify your thoughts, feelings and desires and confidently express them without letting your anxiety run away with you.

Speaking your truth in each moment will bring you more of the satisfying connections that you long for with your partner, your friends, and your family members.