My mission is to help women and couples create empowering relationships.

I believe that therapy is not just a path to feeling better, it is a path to living a better life. When we feel “good enough”, when we feel loving and lovable, when we feel whole and know that there is nothing “wrong” with us, we free up an amazing amount of energy not only to be who we are but also to see beyond ourselves. 

Healing ourselves and our relationships are powerful ways to acknowledge our less conscious, destructive behaviors and take a more conscious role in how we live and act. The impact of that newfound awareness ripples outward from our selves and our romantic partnerships, to have a positive influence on our careers, our relationships with family and friends, and our local and global community. When we begin to shift from being primarily concerned with meeting our own needs to recognizing our connection to other people, places, and living beings, we are naturally inspired to serve and protect them as well.