Online Couples Therapy

Your heart is burning . . .

Or maybe you can’t feel it at all. You feel stuck and lonely, (even when you are together). You long for more connection, passion, and joy. You wonder, “Is this what love is? Why does this feel so hard?”

What if your most difficult relationship challenges are perfect opportunities to grow more health and happiness in your life?

I believe that your romantic relationship is the ultimate crucible for self-awakening. Your frustration, vulnerability, and desire for better communication and greater intimacy are valuable signs that there is more to discover about yourself and your partner.

Couples therapy is an ideal place to grow your awareness, learn how to listen compassionately, fuel your attraction for your partner, and align with your truth and wholeness.

Together we will create a safe place for you and your partner to share your fears and doubts about committing to each other, learn how to transform conflicts that get in the way of deeper connection and clarify your values and visions for creating a life together.


I believe that conflict arises between two people when one or both feel that his or her sense of safety and security is threatened. The goal of couples counseling is to help each person know exactly what his or her partner needs to feel good inside and feel good together.

Another essential ingredient to successful couples therapy is helping you each understand how your past relationships inform your present. Inevitably, the sensitive and challenging issues that bring you into therapy are related to imprints from your family of origin.

Together, we will illuminate these old patterns, identify how they play out in your current relationship and find ways of being together that feel more loving and supportive.




  • Find your purpose for being together.
  • Know what makes your partner anxious and what calms him or her down.
  • Explore how you each naturally give and receive love and what gets in the way.
  • Create rituals and behaviors that help you stay connected.
  • Know how to get your needs met by actually caring for your partner.
  • Know how your brain works for and against you when it comes to love.
  • Build a relationship based on attraction, security, and mutuality.