Therapy for Women in San Francisco

Sister, imagine that you truly believe:


“There is nothing wrong with me.”

“I am good enough.”

“I am loving and lovable.”

“I am whole.”


Who would you be?

And with whom would you be?

Ask Yourself

In my ideal world, what would my life and relationships look and feel like? What would I know about my true purpose?

How would I touch the lives of others? What impact would I make on the world?

If you are ready to answer these questions, we are here to be your guide!

We help women who are ready to discover their true nature, find their deepest purpose and offer both as gifts to the world.

Therapy is about more than “self-healing.”


It’s about remembering and reclaiming all of the inner resources you need to make the greatest impact you have to offer.

Our job is to take a stand for the TRUE YOU.


  • Not the “good girl” who keeps her opinions to herself.
  • Not the “pretty girl” who is only admired for her looks.
  • Not the “tough girl” who believes that crying is “weak”.
  • Not the “funny girl” who cracks jokes to hide her pain.
  • Not the “smart girl” who can’t settle for less than an A.
  • Not the “working girl” who never gets to go outside to play.

The true you is not the girl who strives hard to be good, pretty, tough, fully, smart, and hard working in order to light up the eyes of others. 

She is the WOMAN who…

is motivated by the call of her heart. She knows what she needs to do, even if it’s unpopular. She trusts that she will be fulfilled by following her desiresShe sees herself as a part of a larger whole.

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Therapy can help you . . .


  • Identify and transform old wounds that keep you stuck.
  • Notice how you protect yourself from feeling vulnerable.
  • Access internal resources that offer you a sense of wholeness.
  • Open to freedom and truth over comfort.
  • Source a sense of self that is rooted in love.
  • Discover your authentic expression that is unencumbered by your mind and ego.
  • Find your true purpose.
  • Integrate your unique calling into your day-to-day life.

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