10 Ways To Love Your Self



Downloadable PDF Ebook
by Sige Weisman, MFT

10 pages including an introduction and 10 easy steps to create more self love in your life.



Need to UP your game in the self-love department?

“10 Ways to Love Your Self” is designed to help you cultivate a deep self-regard that strips away the layers of shame, judgment and self-doubt that dull your inner glow. Take these practices to heart and use them! I truly believe they will help you feel more confident, connected and empowered in your life.

10 Ways to Love Your Self

1. Stop Making Yourself Wrong
2. Question Your Assumptions
3. Redefine “Selfish”
4. Embrace Your “NO”.
5. Slow Down
6. Say “Yes” to Your Feelings
7. Cultivate Solitude
8. Own Your Longing
9. Practice Pleasure
10. Speak Your Truth